Thursday, January 29, 2009

venturebeat: glam acquires adaptiveads

"Glam Media, a fast-growing advertising and publishing network for women, has acquired a Silicon Valley start-ups AdaptiveAds for an undisclosed price to help it better target ads.

Glam is one of the more controversial companies in Silicon Valley right now. It has witnessed rocketing growth over the past two years, by signing deals with publishers who agreed to place their content on Glam’s network and receive advertising for it. It recently emerged as a top-ten U.S. media site, according to Comscore."


Anonymous said...

With no news out there this makes it. HO HUM

Anonymous said...

bad deal. can't see this being very additive to the current biz.

Anonymous said...

Look for more international deal. Glam acquired Codex Media last year based out of Germany.