Tuesday, January 20, 2009

boston.com: Tips in raising venture money

"I received an e-mail earlier this month from the cofounder of a robotics company that is just starting to hunt for venture capital funding. "We'd like to avoid spending weeks or months courting firms that profess interest, then ultimately discover that they are too timid to fund anyone in the current climate," he wrote."

"inding money to start a company (or keep one going) is worry number one right now for entrepreneurs, whether they're designing robots, starting a restaurant, opening a clothing boutique, or developing cancer drugs. And with banks, angel investors, and venture capital firms clinging more tightly than ever to their bankrolls, that worry is occupying much more mental bandwidth.

Here are 10 pieces of advice I've collected since I got that e-mail from the robotics entrepreneur. Some of the advice pertains more to those who are starting a business that's likely to be bank-financed or boot-strapped with credit cards, like a pet grooming salon. Some of the advice is more relevant to entrepreneurs starting a medical device company that could be worth a couple hundred million dollars within a decade, who're more likely to attract the interest of venture capital firms."

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