Wednesday, December 03, 2008

WSJ: Funny pushy cart people at your local mall

"But in the past decade, Israeli vendors have become the dominant players in the cart world. At the annual trade show for the retail cart and kiosk industry, nearly a third of the attendees are now Israeli, say wholesalers and industry trackers. In a first, next year's show in Las Vegas will host a cart-operating workshop entirely in Hebrew.

Most Israeli-run carts are manned by two to four people. Typically, the mall stints are a fast way to amass cash to finance a globe-trotting trip, a rite of passage for many Israelis after they complete their mandatory military service. Some hear about the jobs on Hebrew-language Web sites, such as "The Jackpot," where cart operators advertise. Operators often offer a kind of package deal, where they subsidize housing and transportation for their temporary workers."

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