Tuesday, November 04, 2008

PaidContent: About.com is on track for $60 million EBITDA this year.

About Those Rumors That the New York Times Would Sell About.com
By Staci D. Kramer - Mon 03 Nov 2008 04:50 PM PST
We’ve heard the chatter about the New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT) possibly selling About.com ... let’s start by admitting that what makes sense to me and what makes sense to the people running the New York Times Company doesn’t always dovetail. That said, it’s hard to find any scenario, save an amazing offer, that would make a sale of About.com seem like a close-to-sensible move for NYTCo at this point. Just a few reasons:
-- About.com is the growth story for the company right now. A sale would give up the only true source of cash growth.

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