Tuesday, November 04, 2008

ITP: Facebook is rumoured to be in talks with Dubai International Capital over a possible cash injection

"So would Facebook be a good investment for DIC? The company does need to properly monetize its services, but it’s a functional, useful site, not a white elephant. Although there’s some backlash as users start to think a little harder about privacy issues, the site is still gathering new users, especially outside of the US. The audience for Facebook is huge, probably too big for a new contender to make a lot of difference to market share, and while the company will have to work out how to make advertising work where online advertising is not as established, or possibly start charging for premium services, it’s not about to become a new dotcom bubble casualty. And given the appetite in the Gulf for investing in brands I think it highly likely that DIC might decide to invest"


Anonymous said...

Bernstein reporting softie bidding on Yahoo at $20. go figure.

Rather fbook than yhoo!

reggie said...

Yahoo failed to grab Microsoft's proposed $33 per share offer. Now, Microsoft might be able to snap up a weakened Yahoo, which is trading at about $13, for closer to $20. Having fought Microsoft so hard, Mr. Yang faces the prospect of being forced back to Steve Ballmer to lift him out of his hole.

Anonymous said...

Dell is planning further cost-reduction moves, which come as the computer maker is just completing a previously announced round of cost-cutting.