Thursday, October 09, 2008

webguild: Larry Ellison: Cloud, SaaS All Gibberish

"Last week in San Francisco, Orcale unveiled the company’s Cloud Computing solution. It includes partnerships with Intel to collaborate on technology and another with Amazon to run Oracle software on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Larry Ellison, Chairman, Founder and CEO of Oracle shared Oracles vision and opened the floor to questions. The first one question was: What is Oracle doing about cloud computing? Ellison smirked and then belted out his thoughts on cloud computing. Here’s a slightly edited excerpt as reported by the Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

“What the hell is cloud computing? We’ve redefined ‘cloud computing’ to include everything we currently do. So it has already achieved dominance in the industry. I can’t think of anything that isn’t cloud computing.

These people who are writing this crap are out there. They are insane. I mean it is the stupidest.

Is it - ‘Oh, I am going to access data on a server on the Internet.’ That is cloud computing?

We’ll make cloud computing announcements because if orange is the new pink, we’ll make orange… Okay fine, we’ll do some cloud.

The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion. I remember I was reading Wand I read that orange is the new pink. And cloud is the new SaaS. (Software as a Service) Or cloud is the new virtualization. It is the most nonsensical. I mean I read these articles … I have no idea what anybody is talking about. I mean it is really just complete gibberish."


Anonymous said...

It's all marking - regarless of what larry says if you slap a SAAS label to your company - you're worth at least what messagelabs and postini, successfactors, demandtech. not to mention received in valuation. RECESSION OR NOT

In a move to strengthen its position in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), security player Symantec has purchased online messaging and Web security provider MessageLabs for about $695 million in cash.

The deal, expected to close by year-end, aims to enable Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) to improve its position in SaaS with offerings in key areas: messaging filtering and security. In particular, the security giant is looking to build on its Symantec Protection Network -- a data backup and recovery service for SMBs launched in April 2007.

"This acquisition represents a natural extension of our current SaaS offerings and provides a strong customer base into which we can cross-sell our current online services -- backup, storage and remote access," John W. Thompson, Symantec's chairman and CEO, said in a conference call.

Anonymous said...

Companies who will be around:
ZeniMax - $310M
Nanosolar - $300M
OverSee - $210M
OANDA - $200M
Kayak - $196M
GridPoint - $167M
Plastic Logic - $150M
eSolar - $140M
Demand Media - $135M
SulfurCell - $134M
Modu - $120M
United Mobile - $115M
Zhaopin - $110M
Ning - $104M
Tech Crunch

Anonymous said...

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