Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Valleywag: iPhone app fund rejects 99.8 percent of applicants

""In 6 months, we’ve received over 2,700 plans. That’s about 20x what we received in a similar period last year. Out of that group, we’ve funded five companies." Honestly, I have no idea why Kleiner Perkins partner Matt Murphy has decided to blog about the firm's iFund venture with Apple. KPCB is notorious for doing all its deals through insider connections, not by trolling for ideas on the Internet. (Apple board member Al Gore is also a partner at Kleiner Perkins, so it's not like the firm needs an in.) Murphy concludes, "Stay tuned for a future conversation on mobile monetization and navigating the tradeoffs of free versus paid applications." How about a conversation on navigating Apple's imperious rule of its App Store?"


Anonymous said...

how about making starting an iphone company that helps ppl withe hearing aids use the iphone?

Anonymous said...

Malware writers are using a popular iPhone game to infect PC users. The hackers created imitations of the Penguin Panic iPhone game laden with malware. The trojan packages are disguised as Penguin Panic, a game for the Apple iPhone which a small bird leaps between icebergs. The game had been available for the Apple handset for several months.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas how public reaction acceptance will be for android and google mobile apps? So far google iPhone apps , not to mention facebook iPhone apps have been truly disappointing.