Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Techcrunch: Best Startups

Facebook - $455M
ZeniMax - $310M
Nanosolar - $300M
OverSee - $210M
OANDA - $200M
Kayak - $196M
GridPoint - $167M
Plastic Logic - $150M
eSolar - $140M
Demand Media - $135M
SulfurCell - $134M
Modu - $120M
United Mobile - $115M
Zhaopin - $110M
Ning - $104M
Glam Media - $104M
hulu - $100M
9You - $100M
Specificmedia - $100M
SpinVox - $100M
Rearden Commerce - $100M
Ausra - $97.8M
CDNetworks - $96.5M
Move Networks - $91.3M
Spot Runner - $91M
Tesla Motors - $85M
Big Fish Games - $83.3M
Realtime Worlds - $81M
Adconion Media Group - $80M
The Active Network - $80M
HelioVolt - $77M
Youku - $77M
Datapipe - $75M
Trion World Network - $70M
Arcadian Networks - $70M
Vantage Media - $70M
A123Systems - $70M
Boston Power - $68.6M
Infinia - $66.5M
LinkedIn - $65.8M
Fisker - $65M
Brightcove - $64.4M
SilkRoad technology - $64M
Coremetrics - $60M
ReachLocal - $55.2M
Veoh - $55M
Federated Media - $54.5M
Slacker - $53.5M
RockYou - $52.5M
51.com - $51M
HealthCentral - $50M
ChannelAdvisor - $50M
Blowtorch - $50M
Dayjet - $50M
GarageGames - $50M
Revolution Money - $50M
Slide - $50M
Strands - $49M
obopay - $49M
JumpTap - $48M
ice - $47M
Greenplum - $46M
Internet Mall - $45M
Clear - $44.4M
Jingle Networks - $43M
Avail Media - $42M
Metaweb Technologies - $42M
BitTorrent - $42M
Amobee - $42M
Enforta - $40M
Undertone Networks - $40M
Turbine - $40M
Pure Digital Technologies - $40M
Trilliant - $40M
SiBEAM - $40M
Teneros - $40M
SearchMe - $39.6M
fabrik - $39.2M
Zynga - $39M
Turn - $38.5M
LifeLock - $37.9M
Digg - $37.2M
GreatCall - $36.6M
Segway - $35M
hi5 - $35M
Bestofmedia Group - $35M
Yodlee - $35M
Angie’s List - $35M
Lehigh Technologies - $34.5M
Sermo - $34.5M
ooma - $34M
meebo - $34M
Dailymotion - $34M
Clearspring - $33.5M
XunLight - $33M
Cuil - $33M
Seatwave - $33M
Dilithium Networks - $33M
Waterfront Media - $33M
Mzinga - $32.5M
Vanu - $32M
Vuze - $32M
PicScout - $32M
Pando - $31.9M
Etsy - $31.3M
BuzzNet - $31M
Global Roaming - $30.5M
NebuAd - $30.2M
MFG - $30M
Zillow - $30M
GodTube - $30M
56.com - $30M
Zazzle - $30M
Metacafe - $30M
Batanga - $30M
VideoJug - $30M
Eyeblaster - $30M
badoo - $30M
Viagogo - $30M
IGA Worldwide - $30M
Leapfrog on-line - $30M
MobiTV - $30M
MOLI - $29.6M
Automattic - $29.5M
Intacct - $29M
Genius - $29M
LiveOps - $28M
RadioFrame - $28M
PGP Corporation - $27.3M
Milestone Systems - $27M
Palo Alto Networks - $27M
Tideway - $27M
BlackArrow - $26.8M
ChoiceStream - $26.5M
Ruckus - $26M
ContextWeb - $26M
Solarflare - $26M
Quantcast - $25.7M
Become - $25.5M
Mimeo - $25M
Reunion - $25M
Gemini - $25M
PharmaNation - $25M
InMage Systems - $25M
Aurora Biofuels - $25M
Nimbuzz - $25M
Firefly Energy - $25M
Yelp - $25M
Meraki - $25M
Dash - $25M
Retail Convergence - $25M
Trulia - $25M
SpringSource - $25M
Zecco - $25M
Koolanoo Group - $25M
Verimatrix - $25M
Optaros - $25M
Visible World - $25M
Splunk - $25M
DeviceVM - $25M


Anonymous said...

great list!

where is techstartups?

I noticed there is a newly created website that mirrors this site. It seems your site pre-dated that site given I have been recieving RSS feeds for the last 3 years through this site.

Anonymous said...

Public Domain Through Expiration of Copyright [FN71]

The category of the public domain that is on the strongest historical and theoretical footing is the collection of works in which copyright has [p. 152] expired because the term of protection has run its full duration. Such an outcome most clearly overlaps the frequently cited justification for copyright, that it is intended not as a natural right, or primarily to promote private gain, but as a social contract, in which an author is granted exclusive rights in exchange for eventual dedication to the public domain. [FN72] "Old" works are also by definition the ones in which the rights of an author are the least substantial--particularly if the author is dead, and the rights of copyright are owned by someone who had no more to do with the creation of the work than did the public at large. That works will eventually enter the public domain is arguably required by the Constitution, which empowers Congress to protect works of authorship only "for limited times." [FN73]

Anonymous said...

Rank Company Revenues($MM) Profits

1 Wal-Mart Stores 378,799.0 12,731.0
2 Exxon Mobil 372,824.0 40,610.0
3 Chevron 210,783.0 18,688.0
4 General Motors 182,347.0 -38,732.0
5 ConocoPhillips 178,558.0 11,891.0
6 General Electric 176,656.0 22,208.0
7 Ford Motor 172,468.0 -2,723.0
8 Citigroup 159,229.0 3,617.0
9 Bank of America Corp. 119,190.0 14,982.0
10 AT&T 118,928.0 11,951.0
11 Berkshire Hathaway 118,245.0 13,213.0
12 J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. 116,353.0 15,365.0
13 American International Group 110,064.0 6,200.0
14 Hewlett-Packard 104,286.0 7,264.0
15 International Business Machines 98,786.0 10,418.0
16 Valero Energy 96,758.0 5,234.0
17 Verizon Communications 93,775.0 5,521.0
18 McKesson 93,574.0 913.0
19 Cardinal Health 88,363.9 1,931.1
20 Goldman Sachs Group 87,968.0 11,599.0
21 Morgan Stanley 87,879.0 3,209.0
22 Home Depot 84,740.0 4,395.0
23 Procter & Gamble 76,476.0 10,340.0
24 CVS Caremark 76,329.5 2,637.0
25 UnitedHealth Group 75,431.0 4,654.0
26 Kroger 70,234.7 1,180.5
27 Boeing 66,387.0 4,074.0
28 AmerisourceBergen 66,074.3 469.2
29 Costco Wholesale 64,400.2 1,082.8
30 Merrill Lynch 64,217.0 -7,777.0
31 Target 63,367.0 2,849.0
32 State Farm Insurance Cos. 61,611.6 5,463.7
33 WellPoint 61,134.3 3,345.4
34 Dell 61,133.0 2,947.0
35 Johnson & Johnson 61,095.0 10,576.0
36 Marathon Oil 60,044.0 3,956.0
37 Lehman Brothers Holdings 59,003.0 4,192.0
38 Wachovia Corp. 55,528.0 6,312.0
39 United Technologies 54,759.0 4,224.0
40 Walgreen 53,762.0 2,041.3
41 Wells Fargo 53,593.0 8,057.0
42 Dow Chemical 53,513.0 2,887.0
43 MetLife 53,150.0 4,317.0
44 Microsoft 51,122.0 14,065.0
45 Sears Holdings 50,703.0 826.0
46 United Parcel Service 49,692.0 382.0
47 Pfizer 48,418.0 8,144.0
48 Lowe's 48,283.0 2,809.0
49 Time Warner 46,615.0 4,387.0
50 Caterpillar 44,958.0 3,541.0
51 Medco Health Solutions 44,506.2 912.0
52 Archer Daniels Midland 44,018.0 2,162.0
53 Fannie Mae 43,355.0 -2,050.0
54 Freddie Mac 43,104.0 -3,094.0
55 Safeway 42,286.0 888.4
56 Sunoco 42,101.0 891.0
57 Lockheed Martin 41,862.0 3,033.0
58 Sprint Nextel 40,146.0 -29,580.0
59 PepsiCo 39,474.0 5,658.0
60 Intel 38,334.0 6,976.0
61 Altria Group 38,051.0 9,786.0
62 Supervalu 37,406.0 452.0
63 Kraft Foods 37,241.0 2,590.0
64 Allstate 36,769.0 4,636.0
65 Motorola 36,622.0 -49.0
66 Best Buy 35,934.0 1,377.0
67 Walt Disney 35,882.0 4,687.0
68 FedEx 35,214.0 2,016.0
69 Ingram Micro 35,047.1 275.9
70 Sysco 35,042.1 1,001.1
71 Cisco Systems 34,922.0 7,333.0
72 Johnson Controls 34,678.0 1,252.0
73 Honeywell International 34,589.0 2,444.0
74 Prudential Financial 34,401.0 3,704.0
75 American Express 32,316.0 4,012.0
76 Northrop Grumman 32,032.0 1,790.0
77 Hess 31,924.0 1,832.0
78 GMAC 31,490.0 -2,332.0
79 Comcast 30,895.0 2,587.0
80 Alcoa 30,748.0 2,564.0
81 DuPont 30,653.0 2,988.0
82 New York Life Insurance 29,279.6 1,141.8
83 Coca-Cola 28,857.0 5,981.0
84 News Corp. 28,655.0 3,426.0
85 Aetna 27,599.6 1,831.0
86 TIAA-CREF 27,526.0 1,438.8
87 General Dynamics 27,294.0 2,072.0
88 Tyson Foods 26,900.0 268.0
89 HCA 26,858.0 874.0
90 Enterprise GP Holdings 26,713.8 109.0
91 Macy's 26,340.0 893.0
92 Delphi 26,160.0 -3,065.0
93 Travelers Cos. 26,017.0 4,601.0
94 Liberty Mutual Insurance Group 25,961.0 1,518.0
95 Hartford Financial Services 25,916.0 2,949.0
96 Abbott Laboratories 25,914.2 3,606.3
97 Washington Mutual 25,531.0 -67.0
98 Humana 25,290.0 833.7
99 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance 25,268.2 722.0
100 3M 24,462.0 4,096.0

Anonymous said...

The most active investors for the quarter were in the rockies:

High Country Venture, with 3 deals, followed by DCM-Doll Capital Mangement, Canopy Group, Sierra Ventures, and Flywheel Ventures, Kleiner Perkins.

Anonymous said...


Evil evil evil!!!! Join Orkut :P

The group, called "1,000,000 against the new Facebook layout," has greatly exceeded the expectations in its title and is encouraging its supporters to stay off Facebook during the weekend of Oct. 18 and Oct. 19.


Willem K. said...

I would add the following with healthy cash flows and growth.

Your list piqued my interest to this list to watch which I have been tracking for quite sometime.

Red Envelope

Anonymous said...

Don't forget this list!


Rank Name Title* Company

1 Michael Moritz VC Sequoia Capital
2 L John Doerr VC Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
3 Andreas von Bechtolsheim A Sun Microsystems
4 Ram Shriram A Sherpalo
5 David Cheriton A/P Stanford University
6 Ronald Conway A Angel Investors
7 Michael Grimes B Morgan Stanley
8 Lawrence Sonsini L Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati
9 Jay Hoag VC/BO Technology Crossover Ventures
10 Thomas Ng VC Granite Global Ventures
11 Jixun Foo VC Granite Global Ventures
12 Asad Jamal VC Eplanet Ventures
13 David Douglass VC Delphi Ventures
14 Henry Shaw VC AsiaVest Partners
15 Ta-Lin Hsu VC H&Q Asia Pacific
16 David Katsujin Chao VC DCM-Doll Capital Management
17 Bruce Evans VC Summit Partners
18 Timothy Draper VC Draper Fisher Jurvetson
19 Howard Hartenbaum VC Draper Richards
20 Mark Tluszcz VC Mangrove Capital Partners
21 G Felda Hardymon P/VC Bessemer Venture Partners
22 Robert Stavis VC Bessemer Venture Partners
23 Roelof Botha VC Sequoia Capital
24 Annette Campbell-White VC MedVenture Associates
25 Daniel Rimer VC Index Ventures
26 Philip Nicholls L Platinum Creative Group Limited
27 Paul Chamberlain B Morgan Stanley
28 Lip Bu Tan VC Walden International
29 Lee Kheng Nam VC Granite Global Ventures
30 William Ford VC General Atlantic LLC
31 Roger McNamee BO Elevation Partners
32 Peter Barris VC New Enterprise Associates
33 James Blair VC Domain Associates
34 Gordon Ritter VC Emergence Capital Partners
35 Seth Rudnick VC Canaan Partners
36 William Younger VC Sutter Hill Ventures
37 Arjun Gupta VC TeleSoft Partners
38 Parag Saxena A Vedanta Capital
39 Shlomo Kalish VC Jerusalem Global Ventures
40 Allen Miner A/VC SunBridge Group
41 Scott Sandell VC New Enterprise Associates
42 Rob Soni VC Matrix Partners
43 James Breyer VC Accel Partners
44 David Strohm VC Greylock Partners
45 Gordon Davidson L Fenwick & West
46 Harry Weller VC New Enterprise Associates
47 Ryan Drant VC New Enterprise Associates
48 Steven Krausz VC S. Venture Partners
49 J Sanford Miller VC Institutional Venture Partners
50 Scott Tobin VC Battery Ventures
51 Robert Goodman VC Bessemer Venture Partners
52 Promod Haque VC Norwest Venture Partners
53 John William Gurley VC Benchmark Capital
54 David Cowan VC Bessemer Venture Partners
55 John D Beletic VC Oak Investment Partners
56 Jeffrey Drazan VC Bertram Ventures
57 George Lee B Goldman Sachs
58 Navin Chaddha VC Mayfield Fund
59 Matthew Howard VC Norwest Venture Partners
60 Andrew Goldfarb VC Globespan Capital Partners
61 Kenneth Lawler VC Battery Ventures
62 John W Jarve VC Menlo Ventures
63 Patricia Cloherty VC Delta Private Equity Partners
64 Arthur Patterson VC Accel Partners
65 Bruce I Sachs VC Charles River Ventures
66 Thomas McConnell VC Vanguard Ventures
67 Rodney Ferguson VC Panorama Capital
68 J Peter Wagner VC Accel Partners
69 Erel Margalit VC Jerusalem Venture Partners
70 Brian Jacobs VC Emergence Capital Partners
71 Ryan D Limaye B Goldman Sachs
72 Peter Bodine VC Allegis Capital
73 Guy Nohra VC Alta Partners
74 Michael Sweeney VC InterWest Partners
75 Tench Coxe VC Sutter Hill Ventures
76 Michael Krupka VC Bain Capital Ventures
77 Mike Gordon VC Meritech Capital Partners
78 Walter G Kortschak VC Summit Partners
79 Scott Bonham VC Granite Global Ventures
80 Sigrid Van Bladel VC New Enterprise Associates
81 Michael Ross VC SV Life Sciences
82 James Armstrong VC Clearstone Venture Partners
83 John A Malloy VC BlueRun Ventures
84 Srinivas Akkaraju VC Panorama Capital
85 Elizabeth Weatherman VC Warburg Pincus
86 Christopher Schaepe VC Lightspeed Venture Partners
87 Brent Ahrens VC Canaan Partners
88 Fred Cohen P/BO Texas Pacific Group Ventures
89 Yossi Sela VC Gemini Israel Funds
90 Michael Bronfein VC Sterling Partners
91 D James Guzy A Arbor Company
92 Augustus Tai VC Trinity Ventures
93 Jack Lasersohn VC Vertical Group
94 Peter Fenton VC Benchmark Capital
95 Ravi Mhatre VC Lightspeed Venture Partners
96 Ned Hooper VC Cisco Systems
97 Kathleen LaPorte VC New Leaf Venture Partners
98 Michael Rolnick VC ComVentures
99 Daniel Janney VC Alta Partners
100 Ralph Sabin VC Pacific Venture Group

Anonymous said...

Tesla motors and its $60k electric sports car. Are you serious?

forbest said...

Rank Name Company
73 Robert Nelsen ARCH Venture Partners
45 J. Peter Wagner Accel Partners
53 Arthur Patterson Accel Partners
90 James W. Breyer Accel Partners
72 Keith Daubenspeck Advanced Equities Financial Corp.
95 Robert Hower Advanced Technology Ventures
97 Robert R. Ackerman Allegis Capital
9 Ronald Conway Angel investor
27 Henry Shaw AsiaVest Partners
80 Andrew Baker Baker Botts
56 Fred Craves Bay City Capital
35 Alexandre Balkanski Benchmark Capital
62 Peter Fenton Benchmark Capital
86 Kevin R. Harvey Benchmark Capital
93 John William Gurley Benchmark Capital
41 Felda Hardymon Bessemer Venture Partners
42 Robert Stavis Bessemer Venture Partners
47 Robert P. Goodman Bessemer Venture Partners
63 David J. Cowan Bessemer Venture Partners
96 Rob S. Chandra Bessemer Venture Partners
69 Deepak Kamra Canaan Partners
66 Bruce I. Sachs Charles River Ventures
84 Ned Hooper Cisco Systems
19 Bryce Lee Credit Suisse
18 David Katsujin Chao DCM
18 David Katsujin Chao DCM
18 David Katsujin Chao DCM
29 James C. Blair Domain Associates
23 Timothy C. Draper Draper Fisher Jurvetson
89 Jennifer Fonstad Draper Fisher Jurvetson
24 Howard Hartenbaum Draper Richards
8 Asad Jamal ePlanet Ventures
36 Kevin J. McQuillan Focus Ventures
60 George Bischof Focus Ventures
91 Adam Grosser Foundation Capital
6 William Ford General Atlantic LLC
17 Jon A. Woodruff Goldman Sachs
34 David Tse Young Chou Goldman Sachs
46 George Lee Goldman Sachs
52 Ryan D. Limaye Goldman Sachs
14 Thomas Ng Granite Global Ventures
15 Kheng Nam Lee Granite Global Ventures
75 Jixun Foo Granite Global Ventures
16 Aneel Bhusri Greylock Partners
43 Robert Gunderson Gunderson Dettmer
28 Ta-Lin Hsu H&Q Asia Pacific
83 Sean Dalton Highland Capital Partners
20 Daniel Rimer Index Ventures
64 J. Sanford Miller Institutional Venture Partners
70 Vinod Khosla Khosla Ventures
99 David Weiden Khosla Ventures
1 L. John Doerr Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
61 James Wade M/C Venture Partners
13 James Perry Madison Dearborn Partners
30 Mark Tluszcz Mangrove Capital Partners
58 Rob L. Soni Matrix Partners
82 Shirish Sathaye Matrix Partners
85 Paul J. Ferri Matrix Partners
10 Navin Chaddha Mayfield Fund
54 John W. Jarve Menlo Ventures
11 Paul Chamberlain Morgan Stanley
12 Michael D. Grimes Morgan Stanley
67 Gary R. Little Morgenthaler Ventures
26 Peter J. Barris New Enterprise Associates
32 Scott D. Sandell New Enterprise Associates
33 Peter Morris New Enterprise Associates
55 Harry Weller New Enterprise Associates
71 Ryan Drant New Enterprise Associates
81 Kathleen LaPorte New Leaf Venture Partners
48 Promod Haque Norwest Venture Partners
100 Matthew D. Howard Norwest Venture Partners
78 Warren T. Lazarow O'Melveny & Myers
74 Raman Khanna ONSET Ventures
50 Ann Huntress Lamont Oak Investment Partners
39 Douglas M. Fambrough Oxford Bioscience Partners
77 Ravi Adusumalli SAIF Partners
38 Kenneth Sawyer Saints Capital
2 Michael Moritz Sequoia Capital
22 Roelof Botha Sequoia Capital
59 Douglas Leone Sequoia Capital
76 Greg McAdoo Sequoia Capital
3 Ram Shriram Sherpalo
68 Jeffrey Drazan Sierra Ventures
92 Santo Politi Spark Capital
4 David Cheriton Stanford University
44 Deborah A. Farrington StarVest Partners
25 Bruce Evans Summit Partners
65 Walter G. Kortschak Summit Partners
5 Andreas von Bechtolsheim Sun Microsystems
57 James N. White Sutter Hill Ventures
40 C. Kevin Landry TA Associates
49 Jay C. Hoag Technology Crossover Ventures
51 Arjun Gupta TeleSoft Partners
87 Fred Wang Trinity Ventures
31 Parag Saxena Vedanta Capital
21 Bryan Roberts Venrock
98 John Neis Venture Investors
94 Ross A. Jaffe Versant Ventures
79 Walker Simmons Wachovia Capital Partners
37 Lip-Bu Tan Walden International
88 Elizabeth Weatherman Warburg Pincus
7 Lawrence Sonsini Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

google said...

Rank Company Business Price ($) EPS Growth (%)1 5-Yr Sales Growth (%)2 Latest 12-Mo Sales ($Mil)
1 Google online search engine, web portal 638.25 30 155 14,973
2 Salesforce.com sales mgmt software 54.47 40 85 676
3 Ceradyne aerospace, defense ceramics 46.26 10 75 744
4 Euronet Worldwide banking software 27.33 20 69 821
5 FalconStor Software archive, backup software 8.79 28 58 73
6 Cognizant Technology Solutions consulting 27.11 32 53 1,960
7 Celgene biotechnology 54.27 35 53 1,266
8 LifeCell biotechnology 43.30 30 3,4 1773,4
9 Martek Biosciences nutritional supplements 33.55 18 42 307
10 j2 Global Communications internet telecom svcs 20.40 17 42 204
11 Red Hat Linux software 19.65 22 41 493
12 Digital River e-commerce services 33.24 23 41 335
13 Genentech biotechnology 71.50 26 414 11,7254
14 DRS Technologies aerospace, defense 52.88 12 39 2,999
15 L-3 Communications Holdings communications equipment 105.58 17 38 13,540
16 Vocus public relations mgmt software 29.04 30 37 54
17 CommVault Systems archive, backup software 19.01 25 37 172
18 FARO Technologies measuring equipment 22.21 18 35 176
19 Comtech Telecommunications telecommunications equipment 47.35 13 31 464
20 Network Appliance data storage hardware, software 22.88 18 30 3,012
21 NII Holdings Latin America wireless telecom svcs 49.26 36 30 3,023
22 Diodes semiconductors 24.33 19 28 388
23 Dolby Laboratories audio technology 51.31 20 23 482
24 Gen-Probe DNA diagnostic technology 62.70 21 23 395
25 Adobe Systems imaging software 38.05 15 23 3,158

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