Wednesday, September 03, 2008

SEO Google Site Traffic increase

MarketingVox has a great article on how to increase Googlebot’s crawl visits and site indexability. The Googlebot visits some sites more often than others. Often indexed sites are thought to be more appealing to Google and on searches, they’re likely to appear higher for relevant keywords.

Here are a handful of tips that may encourage search spiders to visit your site more often. Most are old SEO standbys:

1. Make sure you’ve got a sitemap, which enables spiders to locate new pages more quickly. (Once spiders are on your site, they have a limited time to crawl content before moving on. Guiding them through your site can help them dig deeper.)

2. Keep your link and semantic structure simple. Duplicate content should also be kept at a minimum; sifting through it wastes precious time that could be spent indexing unique material.

3. Update content daily. And if not daily, then consistently — a few times a week would be good. Relevant sites keep their material up-to-date, and often updated sites — such as news sites — are sometimes crawled several times per day.

4. Try to win link love from other highly-relevant, generously-updated sites in your field. Think of quality links as votes for your site’s importance. (Avoid link farms, though; Google cracks down on fishy-looking linkback practices.)


Anonymous said...

good advice. try this resource as well. happy hunting.

Jerry West said...

Wow, it was a great post, thx for sharing the same. For more info you can visit my blog.

Casey Warden said...

Great advice.

I think you're just the member I was looking for! Have you heard of I heard through the grapevine that they are gonna be the leading finance portal.

I signed up for their mailiing list and recently got invited to their private you have any thoughts on this?

This is my first testing of a private beta and from what I heard, is gonna be big.

As a tech startup blogger, I was wondering if you any insights?

Tech Startups said...

casey, i cannot comment on the site as hasn't even launched. can you let us know how to get an invite to the beta?

also reading into your comments, it seems you are affiliated w/ the company through some viral/guerilla marketing. please comment if that is the case.


Anonymous said...

casey - thanks for sharing - albeit through spam.

can you please share a link for a beta invite as well. and pageonce are also useful


Edward S. said...

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casey warden said...

Hey guys and techstartups...

sorry, back to school...been real busy :(

I received an invite to the private beta simply by signing up for their prelaunch on their splash page.

I actually heard about them through a network of investors (I trade in the stock markets) a while back.

So I am not too sure if all the hype is true and I have never been part of a private launch before but apparently some of the users who have previewed the site say its looking promising.

I am more curious than anything and can't evangelise them as I have not received the invite just yet.

I'll be sure to post more when I get the invite