Sunday, August 17, 2008

"David Katz is heading into a Web site battle against Internet sports powerhouses like the ones run by ESPN, Yahoo, Fox Sports, Major League Baseball and AOL. "

"At least he knows the enemy.

By the time Mr. Katz left Yahoo at the end of 2006 as the head of sports, entertainment and studios, he had guided its sports site into a rivalry with that still has them trading the monthly lead in unique visitors in their category.

Mr. Katz, 36, believes that his Web site,, which will be formally released this week, will find a substantial following with his versions of customized content, social networking and fantasy games. He believes his competitors have grown overly stodgy and too congested for fans to wade through.

“Those other sites are fundamentally all the same,” he said, calling them “imbued with traditional media DNA.” He added that they are “not built for the next generation and for the evolving needs of sports fans.”

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