Thursday, July 31, 2008

" - Shopping Search Reinvented is a shopping search engine dedicated to searching all the stores on the Web to find just the right products shoppers are looking to buy.
Like most people these days, we had grown accustomed to using search engines to find just about anything. But shopping on your favorite search engine is far from ideal. We've all experienced this— wading through a zillion blue text links, trying hard to avoid links that lead to spam sites, constantly clicking back and forth and back and forth. And all the while, you are never quite sure if you've managed to find all of the top stores and cool boutiques. We felt strongly that something better could come along to help frustrated, online shoppers.

Introducing our solution -!

We developed a shopping search engine that searches for products across the entire Web - all the online stores and boutiques - so you can see everything from the biggest retailers to the smallest specialty shops. We want you to have an all-inclusive look into what is available online, and give you the top choices right on the first page."