Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mark Logic CEO Blog: Moritz Says Watch Out for Hot Air and Arrogance

"I love the useless pontification sound bite. In running Mark Logic, a Sequoia-backed company, I've met Moritz numerous times. In my estimation, he's one of the VCs least guilty of pontification in all of Silicon Valley. He's more like the old EF Hutton commercial: when he talks, (smart) people listen. (And from what I've seen, he's generally a man of few words.) But I get his point; your typical VC can pontificate with the best of them, and probably shouldn't.

On the "working harder" issue, from my perception the guys at our investors (Sequoia and Lehman Brothers) work quite hard -- e.g., I get emails at all hours from our Sequoia partner. Particularly for people who have already been immensely financially successful, I'm often amazed by the work ethic. For your average VC, I think there is a certain lifestyle play, but I think the article does a good job at explaining the mentality at the top:..."

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