Sunday, March 09, 2008

Yahoo! Finance: Google shares could fall another 20% to 350

"Google Inc, whose shares have plunged more than 40 percent since November, could fall almost another 20 percent due to the U.S. economic slowdown and aggressive spending by the Internet search engine company, according to the latest issue of Barron's.
'While a short-term bounce might follow the stock's swift descent, the shares are likely to head even lower if analysts start slashing their earnings estimates to reflect today's tougher operating environment, as they should be doing,' the report said.
The article's headline questioned whether Google shares, which closed on Friday at $433.35, could be headed below $350."

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acupofjoey said...

Oh great God of Google please save us from our wicked ways. Your awesome power is infinite as the universe. You have brought us great tools to live by, and promises of life in harmony with the futurations. We have tragically lost our way as we prostitute ourselves to consume more oil. There are a few that found a way to get the same high with less consumption, but they are only fooling themselves as they go on more shopping sprees. The addiction is too great. We need Your Salvation as our great leaders are just as addicted to the tax revenue generated from gas consumption. Those that lead us will rage war to keep our supply from falling short. If only they had the courage to tell us how sick we have all become, then maybe we could face the truth with a plan for recovery. Great God of Google I pray that you can do what no human has shown the strength to do. Give us transportation that benefits the planet earth and cuts off our dependance on devil juice. This request comes from the heart as I can't indure any more polution of the brain.
Your faithful consumer.