Thursday, March 13, 2008

All Things Idol: ibeatyou | Baron Davis is a co-founder!

"This is the official ibeatyou group! This is a group for anyone that is competitive or has any type of talents they want to share with the community. If you have any talents and know you're good, this is the group for you. The site, which is located at is currently in private invite only alpha and will be slowly opening up over time. Members in this group will also receive early private invites to the site. Co-Founders of ibeatyou include Baron Davis (Golden State Warriors Basketball Star), Cash Warren (Entertainment Guy) and Abdul Khan (Internet Nerd)."


Jill said...

And don't forget to sign up for the Facebook app:

Sophie said...

I signed up for both the apps and ibeatyou, so addictingly fun! I'm actually winning a competition against Jessica Alba and Baron Davis, LOVE IT!

jane said...

i was kind of skeptical when I first read about it but this site is so much fun! it's great that you actually get to compete with celebrities alongside regular users.