Tuesday, January 01, 2008

SJMerc: The valley's top IPOs for 2007

Valley's top IPOs for 2007

Stock values soared for these valley companies.

VMware, up 193 percent since Aug. 13 offer price. The Palo Alto pioneer of "virtualization software" was the valley's biggest IPO since Google.

NetSuite, up 51 percent since Dec. 19. The valley's most recent IPO, the provider of business software made majority owner Larry Ellison about $1.1 billion richer.

Cavium Networks, up 71 percent since May 1. Backed by new wave VCs, the fabless designer of sophisticated networking processors is popular with analysts.

Data Domain, up 76 percent since June 26. This San Jose company makes computer storage and disaster backup systems.

MAP Pharmaceuticals, up 46 percent since Oct. 4. This Mountain View company develops inhalable drugs to treat migraine and pediatric asthma.

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