Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hindi Times: 3 tips to advance one’s career

"The foremost quality you need for career advancement is to be demanding, says Dina Dublon. She serves on the boards of companies such as Microsoft, Accenture and PepsiCo.

“Dublon, born in Brazil, holds a Bachelors degree in economics and mathematics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Masters degree from the Business School at Carnegie Mellon University,” informs a page in, about the former Chief Financial Officer, JPMorgan Chase.

What does it mean to be demanding? “Be demanding of yourself, of your boss, and of the company you work for,” instructs Dublon in an essay titled ‘Three essential attributes for career advancement,’ included in Managing Your Career ("

"The author narrates the story of two immigrants, Eugene Kleiner and Andrew Grove.

Kleiner who, at the age of 18, fled Vienna in 1941, worked under William Shockley, the inventor of transistor at Bell Labs. (Shockley won the 1956 Nobel Prize for his role in discovering the transistor.)

Shockley had left Bell Labs to start his own company with the idea of developing a multiple-transistor semiconductor, using germanium as the semi-conducting material.

Kleiner and seven others on the team, who believed silicon would be superior, broke away, “scraping together $3,500 of their own money to pursue their silicon-based research,” in the 1950s. With additional funding support, Fairchild Semiconductor was soon born. (Grove would work in the company, during the 1960s, before leaving to start Intel.)"

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