Sunday, October 14, 2007

What Makes a Great SaaS Startup?

"Let's face it, SaaS is sexy these days. Nearly everybody is either starting entirely new companies to capitalize on the benefits of SaaS or madly rushing to get their applications ported to it.

At a recent conference, I presented at in the Bay Area, this became abundantly clear. Every session hosted by venture capitalists who talked about the exponential growth of SaaS was packed and sessions where CEOs of successful SaaS start-ups had standing-room only crowds.

All of this passion for SaaS would make anyone stop and wonder, "So, what does make a great SaaS startup?"

Top Take-Aways
From the presentations given and from the discussions with attendees and presenters, the following take-aways were gained:

Passion for serving customers is more important than a passion for VC cash. This became abundantly clear when the founder and CEO of Brainshark, Joe Gustafson, spoke. He talked about best practices in starting a SaaS-based software company and had a great quote about turning customers into your best salespeople."

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