Wednesday, September 19, 2007

VentureBeat: Ourlikes, a more efficient matchmaking site

"Dating sites like and eHarmony have been around for years, but competitors are still launching.
These startups generally claim the old dating site model is broken. What’s needed, they say, are more immediate connections to a variety of people you might actually like. They criticize personality tests required by older dating sites.
Yesterday, one, WooMe, launched. Like competitor, it lets you do brief video chats with other users.
San Francisco-based Ourlikes, launching today, takes a more gentle approach than video for pairing people.
Its a mostly-free service that lets you select random images — movies, books, people from popular culture — then find other users interested in the same things.
The concept is a twist on Hot or Not. It’s about things you have in common with people, not a direct vote on their attractiveness — more gentle, and most likely more boring to some."

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