Monday, August 06, 2007

IPO Analysis: VMware, A Virtualization Pioneer - Seeking Alpha

"Vivek Kumar submits: VMware (VMW) is a leading virtualization solution provider. The company was incorporated in 1998 and acquired by EMC (EMC) in January 2004, since then operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of EMC.
As a part of EMC, the company shows much growth in its revenues and today, it has attained a pioneer position as a leading virtualization solution developer. Virtualization solutions are attractive to everyone, from home users to high end servers installed in the world's largest companies.
VMware is an R&D based company and since 1999 has introduced 16 products. As of March 2007, it employs 3000 employees with more than one third [1100] of its employees work in the R&D division. The company provides solutions for creating virtual platforms within computer infrastructure and further to automate, maintain and manage the virtual infrastructure. It also provides all related services such as installation, implementation and training."

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