Monday, August 20, 2007

Grid computing: The term may fade, but features will live on

"Predictions about grid computing's evolution
In 2007, the 451 Group expects several pivotal changes in the IT landscape, including:
• Virtualisation will go mainstream, changing the datacentre
• Grid infrastructure will get baked in to support utility computing, and on-demand activities
• SOA will move from experimentation to implementation
• Open-source technology will move up the value chain
• Web 2.0 will morph into Enterprise 2.0 and change how companies interact internally and with others
• Silos will become horizontally integrated resources ('flat IT')
• Virtualisation will allow grids to be absorbed into enterprise fabrics
Meanwhile, developments expected by 2010 include:
• Grid technology will move beyond analytics into mainstream applications
• As virtualisation allows grids to be absorbed into the fabric, the term 'grid' will fade away
• Enterprise utilities will form
• A wide range of providers will offer some form of grid-enabled, utility-type computing, from telcos to IT vendors to systems integrators to Amazon and Google "


Anonymous said...

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