Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ZdNet: Jerry Yang's First 100 Days at club YHOO

"Larry Dignan (ZDNet) submits: Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Jerry Yang made his earnings conference call debut on Tuesday and said the next “100 days or so” will be spent mapping out the strategic plan for the company. Yahoo, which reported its second quarter results and cut projections for the second half of 2007 (statement), will unveil a new strategic plan in the fall, said Yang.
“The next 100 days or so will be spent mapping out Yahoo’s strategic plan,” said Yang. “We’re well underway in our review of the business. We will move fast in a focused way.”
Yang, who noted that he took the CEO post “not out of obligation but desire,” said he will be taking a “fresh look” at Yahoo’s assets and deemphasizing parts that are not performing well or don’t fit in. Yang acknowledged that he didn’t have all the answers Tuesday, but said he intends to get them. He said:
I believe Yahoo is too often defined by the competitive landscape. Yahoo is a deep and active market place. The way we will strengthen Yahoo is to strengthen the market place. There’s a gap of where Yahoo is and where Yahoo needs to be."

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