Sunday, July 22, 2007

InformationWeek: Twitter Is The Future Of Presence And Collaboration

Stephen Wellman:
"I admit it, I've been spending too much time with Twitter. But as a result of my growing Twitter addiction, I have discovered all kinds of cool things about it.
When the buzz about Twitter first broke, I was skeptical. I thought it seemed like a lame compromise between IM and blogging. I had no interest in posting short entries about going to the restroom or buying mouthwash in Wal-Mart.
During the first few months this year I watched Twitter, largely from the sidelines. I noticed that Twitter evolved. It became something more than either blogging or IM. But I couldn't figure out what Twitter was turning into.
After playing with Twitter (and cool Twitter tools like TwitterVision), I realized that Twitter is really the future of presence, collaboration, and possibly even location."

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