Thursday, June 21, 2007

SJMerc Blog: A trip to Heidi Roizen’s house: a report from SD Forum’s Visionary Awards

"Dan’l Lewin, the top Microsoft executive in Silicon Valley, introduced Michael Moritz, who was a journalist who wrote a book about Apple and a Time magazine bureau chief before he took a job at Sequoia. Moritz has had some of the biggest home runs, like being the lead investor on Yahoo! and Google. Lewin said, “I asked Eric Schmidt about Michael. He said many people think he’s a loner. I think it’s because he’s ahead of everyone else.”

Lewin noted that companies funded by Sequoia account for 10 percent of the value of Nasdaq. But he also reminded everyone of Moritz’s more memorable failures: Red Envelope, eToys, Webvan, and (Moritz later said) Planet Rx."

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