Thursday, June 28, 2007

Friendster still blows despite huge jump in traffic

"Friendster clocked a 40 percent pageview growth rate in May, thanks to growth in countries like Malaysia and the Philippines, as well as recent updates to the site, reports VentureBeat (via comScore).
According to the latest comScore data, Friendster had 24.7 million unique users last month. Though lagging behind MySpace and Facebook, it is holding its own in the sea of second-tier social networks like Piczo and Bebo.
Friendster's pageviews in May, however, grew to a whopping 9 billion - 41 percent more than in April. Though there were several factors for the jump, the big one was a back-end fix that manages users' social networks."


Anonymous said...

friendster is the strip club no one wants to go to but they just have to

sexy girl said...

fster sux and swallows. bad case of bj