Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Biz 2.0: Marchex goes for big splash, unveils 100,000 local sites

"Seattle-based Marchex (MCHX) today launched what it characterizes as the largest-scale Website effort of its kind: 100,000 "local and vertical" sites. In all, the effort boasts more than one billion pages of local content -- all aimed at people looking for local information and all aimed at local advertisers....In part, this is Marchex's next step to put to work the 100,000-plus domain portfolio it bought in 2004 from Name Development, which I wrote about almost two years ago in a piece called Masters of Their Domains and in a recent story called The Man Who Owns The Internet. (Company execs won't say it, but man behind Name Development was Yun Ye, a legendary and mysterious domineer who now lives in Vancouver.) "

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