Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Time to Short the Market: High-tech jobs in CA rebound for first time since dot-com bust

"For the first time since the state lost tens of thousands of jobs after the dot-com collapse, California companies have added tech workers to their payrolls, according to a report that tracks nationwide employment in the industry.
The Cyberstates report unveiled today by the American Electronics Association said the state added 14,400 net jobs, an increase of 2 percent that boosted the tech industry total to 919,322 in 2005, according to the most current state data available.
California's gains mark 'the first net increase in jobs (here) since the tech bubble began to burst in 2000,'' the association said.
The 150-page report shows that the health of the industry at the state and national level is much improved since it hit bottom in 2004. "

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