Tuesday, April 03, 2007

RED HERRING | Colubris Courting Acquisition?

"Wi-Fi equipment maker Colubris Networks has hired exit specialist Rob Scott as its CEO, a move seen as the first step in a campaign to dress itself up for acquisition or an initial public offering.

Executives at the six-year-old Waltham, Massachusetts-based firm told Red Herring on Tuesday they were thrilled by rival Aruba Networks’ very successful IPO last week and are certainly open to the option of going public or being acquired now that the Wi-Fi market has heated up. (see Aruba's Hot Debut)

“Rob Scott has placed companies in position for an exit in both good times and bad times in the industry,” said Chris Koeneman, co-president of Colubris. “He has done that in the past, and he will do the same for Colubris.”

Colubris is hardly a household name but it is more than likely you have used Colubris’ technology if you regularly use Wi-Fi web access at hotels, airports, hospitals, on trains, or on Air Force One, you have used Colubris’ Wi-Fi technology. "

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