Tuesday, April 17, 2007

FunnyorDIE.com: Sequoia, Will Ferrell

"Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s production company Gary Sanchez Prods is launching a comedy site FunnyOrDie.com...the site has already received investment from Sequoia Capital, reports THR. "

"Funny or Die is the collaborative effort of people in Silicon Valley and in Hollywood to create a venue for accomplished as well as aspiring comics to try out new ideas, experiment and generally have fun. It is expermental and a work in progress and will most likely evolve to meet the needs of its performers and their audiences.

All uploaded videos are available for viewer rating and can be rated "funny" or "die". Those clips receiving enough "funny" votes will eventually be elevated to "Immortal" status where they will remain and not require further voting. Those clips receiving enough "die" votes will be removed from the main site and moved to the "Crypt" where they will remain unless they are voted out of the Crypt and back into circulation.

Occasionally Funny or Die will feature well known and accomplished comics and those clips will be given Immortal status while they are being featured.

Funny or Die is open for any comic to upload clips as long as they are original clips whose rights are owned by the submitter. Any material which violates other's copyrights will be removed.

We are open to and encourage comments and suggestions - if you have some, please email them to suggestions@funnyordie.com."

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