Friday, April 06, 2007

Family uses YoutTube, Myspace in efforts to free imprisoned son / They say evidence proves he didn't kill girlfriend in Nicaragua

"The family is appealing the conviction to a Nicaraguan appeals court, writing to U.S. lawmakers and the State Department, holding benefit concerts to raise money, and asserting Volz's innocence on such popular Web sites as MySpace and YouTube. The former has a 'Free Eric Volz' listing, with more than 2,000 'friends,' and a YouTube video titled 'An American Wrongly Imprisoned in Nicaragua' claims that at least 10 witnesses were with Volz 60 miles away in Managua at the time of the murder in the resort town of San Juan del Sur. Fueled by 'fierce anti-American' sentiment, there were 'fundamental violations of due process. ... Eric's future rests in your hands. Write your senator and congressmen. Send the video around,' the six minute, fifty-second film says. As of Thursday, the video had been seen by more than 56,000 people.
The Anthonys point out that the sole witness placing Volz at the murder scene is a petty thief named Nelson Lopez, one of three original suspects charged with rape and murder in the Jimenez case. Charges were later dropped against two of the suspects, including Lopez after he testified against Volz. "

This is the true story of American citizen, Eric Volz, who has been wrongfully imprisoned in Nicaragua for a murder he did not commit. For more information please visit or

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Anonymous said...

I just saw Eric's story on GMA and I wanted to let the family know that my heart goes out to them and that I will remember him, his girlfriend, her family and them in my prayers. That's all I have to offer...Good luck and God Bless