Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cracking GOOG's 'secret sauce' algorithm

"Rand Fishkin knows how valuable it is for a Web site to rank high in a Google search. But even this president of a search engine optimization firm was blown away by a proposal he received at a search engine optimization conference in London last month, where he was a panelist.
The topic -- Can a poker Web site rank high on a Google search using purely white hat tactics -- meaning no spamming, cloaking, link farms or other frowned-upon 'black hat' practices. Fishkin answered yes, provided the site also added other marketing techniques and attracted some media attention.
The rest of the panel scoffed. 'Don't bring a knife to a gunfight,' one chided. After all, this is the cutthroat online gambling sector."


Helene Goldnadel said...

Google algorithm changes almost each month but I guess no matter how much somebody is willing to pay to find it out they just can't cause it will change again. Helene Goldnadel

corporate defender said...

She is right and we think so.

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