Sunday, April 15, 2007 Kiteboarding VCs and Googlers

"William Tai, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, was kitesurfing under the Golden Gate Bridge when the wind died. The kite crashed and broke, and Tai, entangled in the lines, was dragged out to sea.
``I thought I was toast,'' Tai said of his close call in August. ``I couldn't kick my feet.''
Another boarder, John Gomes, saw Tai struggling and radioed the Coast Guard for a rescue. Only a few days later, Tai, 44, was back in the bay, indulging in an extreme sport that's captivating investors, entrepreneurs and executives in California's technology industry.
Google Inc. co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are kiteboarders. So are Ken Howery, managing partner at venture capital firm Founders Fund Management LLC, solar energy entrepreneur Lyndon Rive, and Aaron Gershenberg, a managing director at SVB Capital, the buyout arm of SVB Financial Group in Santa Clara. "


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