Monday, March 26, 2007

ZenZui and the Art of Mobile Web Surfing -

"In the battle to create a better mobile Internet experience, a small start-up company and offspring of Microsoft Corp., is taking a game-like approach to browsing the Web on a cellphone.
Split off from Microsoft's research labs, the new venture, ZenZui, today will announce plans for a downloadable application that allows users to browse through mobile content such as sports scores, recipes and movie times, navigating through icons with their handset keys. After a trial phase, it will be available for the majority of the U.S. cellphone market by the end of the year.
ZenZui is one of numerous new attempts to make browsing the Web from a mobile phone easier. Mobile search and content companies, including InfoSpace Inc., have been experimenting with ways to display results more elegantly with more easily navigable menus and by displaying local search results on maps. And Yahoo Inc. recently launched new mobile software that allows users to navigate content such as maps, news, sports and search functions by scrolling through a carousel of icons on their screens."

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