Saturday, March 10, 2007

WIRED Blogs: John Doerr in tears about green (via Infectious Greed)

"Venture capitalist John Doerr is crying -- from fear, from guilt, from fright. 'There is a time when panic is the appropriate response,' Doerr says, quoting Eugene Kleiner. And on global warming, Doerr says, the time to panic is now. (Like day one, TED’s second day begins by instilling a sense of impending apocalypse.)
During his talk yesterday, Hans Rosling said, 'We have not seen economic and health progress anywhere in the world without destroying the climate.' The American economy, as we all know, is no different. Doerr opened his talk by mentioning a comment made to him at a dinner party by his 15-year-old daughter, Mary: 'Dad, your generation caused this problem, and you’re going to have to fix it.' The problem, Doerr fears, is that he won’t fix it."

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