Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Weekend Interview FacebOOk-

"With Facebook, exclusivity and control somehow means freedom. The more personal control, the more people are willing to let their guard down. 'One billion page views a day is cool,' Mr. Zuckerberg admits, 'but really what I care about is giving people access to connect and the information they want as efficiently as possible.'
For this, Facebook created a service known as Newsfeed, which caused a strange stir among its users. Newsfeed takes all the information on the site for each person and computes what is the most 'interesting' about them, which translates into what is now a very primitive news ticker, but is headed toward being complete stories.
'Before Newsfeed, basically you had to go and you kind of look at people's profiles you wanted to check up on, but there was nothing to tell you what was the most interesting stuff. Now as soon as they log in, people get a sense of what is going on in their world more efficiently,' Mr. Zuckerberg says.
Lots of Facebookers didn't like what felt like an electronic stalker reporting on their every move. When Newsfeed launched in September of 2006, Mr. Zuckerberg faced a huge backlash from angry users. This would test any CEO, let alone one whose peers were just starting law or business school."

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