Wednesday, March 21, 2007

RingCube raises $12M (same as VMWare VDI)

Note from Cedric Vanhaver, Director, Client Services & Business DevelopmentGlobalFluency:

"This announcement is a couple of weeks old but the news is not about the amount of money raised. It’s about launching a new tech category with tons of applications. Two guys from San Jose State University and one guy from Stanford have a vision of turning the desktop computer, i.e. hardware, into software. Anyone who owns an iPod or other form of portable storage (which is becoming pervasive and extremely cheap) can literally go to any computer and have access to their desktop environment. This is really about “desktop on-demand,” or “desktop portability.” There’s a ton of angles for this type of application and can lead to interesting stories.

For example, there’s the notion of helping the “digitally disadvantaged.” In countries where computers are not pervasive, users can have their info and software on MojoPac while using a communal computer (such as in underdeveloped countries). This redefines multi-user computing.

There’s also the mobility component to it, or what you could call “carry-on computing” (referring to both travel carry-ons and to continuous, uninterrupted computing). People who have to travel far to, say, oil rigs and need expensive rugged computers could instead rely on one local computer while still having access to all their stuff and all their desktop environment, from applications to shortcuts to favorites to languages, etc. This is true for any traveler staying in hotels, going through airports, etc.

There’s the notion of “computer contamination,” where kids visit their parents for the holidays and download tons of IM software, music, etc. With MojoPac, they take their own stuff with them and the computer is never contaminated because, first of all, kids bring their stuff with them and also, if they download something, it goes straight to the memory stick or iPod and is never actually installed on the computer. No footprint at all. No contamination for the parents.

There’s also the notion of computers everywhere that are sitting in labs, idle and not being used (“orphan computers”). There are huge implication for e-waste, which is a much talked about subject as well. With this, computers will be used by many people everywhere and safely without leaving a single footprint."

"RingCube Technologies, Inc., the creator of truly portable personal computing solutions, announced today that it has secured $12 million in Series B funding. The funding comes from MDV-Mohr Davidow Ventures and first-round investors New Enterprise Associates (NEA), bringing total investment in the company to $16 million.

RingCube will use the capital to expand its leadership in consumer and enterprise markets worldwide, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the BRIC nations. The company’s revolutionary operating systems virtualization software platform, MojoPac, gives users around the globe a truly mobile workplace in the palm of their hands. The MojoPac software platform is experiencing strong market adoption across consumer and enterprise channels. MojoPac has tens of thousands of users since launch in September 2006, while the MojoPac Enterprise Solution™ is seeing strong growth across legal, insurance, healthcare and home-based sales business verticals.

“MojoPac is experiencing phenomenal growth month to month across multiple channels,” said Shan Appajodu, CEO and Founder of RingCube. “This round of funding will enable us to accelerate our consumer and enterprise market growth and to service our customers across the globe.” "

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