Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pulvermedia :: Pulvermedia Announces the 2007 'Pulver 100'

"The companies named to the 2007 Pulver 100 are:
911 Enable, Abbeynet, AccessLine Communications, Aculab, Advoco Software AB, Agito Networks, Apparent Networks, Atreus Systems, Azimuth Systems, blip.tv, BlueSlice Networks, Bridgeport Networks, Brightcove, Brix Networks, BroadSoft, Cantata, Centile, Cicero Networks, Citel Technologies, Commetrex, Contigo, Dialexia Communications, Dialogic, DiamondWare, Digium, DiVitas Networks, Edgewater Networks, Empirix, Endeavor Telecom, Fonality, Fring, GrandCentral, Grandstream Networks, GUPP, HighDeal, Inclarity, Ingate Systems, Intertex Data AB, Intoto, Iotum, Iperia, iSkoot, Jajah, Jaxtr, Jungo Software Technologies, Kayote Networks, KoolSpan, Lignup, Longboard, M5 Networks, MailVision, Mediatrix Telecom, Meru Networks, MetaSwitch, MINO Wireless, NewHeights Software, Neulion, Nextone Communications, Nominum, OnRelay, Ooma, Owera, Pactolus Communications Software, Paradial, Personeta, Psytechnics, Quescom, Quintum Technologies, Rebtel, Revver, Ring Central, Sansay, Sightspeed, Sling Media, Snom Technology, Soma Networks, Speedbit, SPIRIT DSP, Stickam, Surf Communication Solutions, SwitchVox, Swyx, Sylantro Systems, SysMaster, TalkPlus, TalkSwitch, tekVizion PVS, Inc., Telchemy, Telepo, Tellme Networks, TelTel, Tilgin, Trinity Convergence, Truphone, U4EA Technologies, USA Datanet, Veoh, Vivox, VOZ Telecom, WeFi, and XConnect."

Originally introduced in 2002, the Pulver 100 features private companies that impact the distribution of communications and entertainment with Internet technology. The value chain characterized by the Pulver 100 differs from the vertically integrated model of the last century, focusing more on the direct interface to customers and consumers which has been brought about by the Internet.

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