Friday, March 30, 2007

Jurvetson and synthetic life forms

"Doerr, McNamee, Jurvetson and Schoendorf each picked two trends for the evening. The last two were contributed by Tony Perkins, founder of the tech-focused media company AlwaysOn Network and the panel's moderator.
In one of the few ambitious predictions of the evening, Jurvetson, the founding investor in Hotmail and renowned tech geek who speaks several times faster than most people, predicted that the 'next couple of years will herald the first synthetic life form,' citing recent advancements such as the one from researchers who've managed to insert foreign DNA into an organism, altering its species.
Speaking on the issue for several minutes, Jurvetson, who got his undergraduate engineering degree in 2 1/2 years at Stanford before getting both a masters and MBA there, left the audience quietly bewildered until Perkins, shaking his head, said, 'This is particularly interesting given that you've never even experimented with hallucinogenics.' Added McNamee with a laugh, 'Everything I ever knew about that subject I just learned in the last three minutes.'"

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BillyWarhol said...

Steve's c0ol*

amazing Photographer too*


Haven't seen Tony Perkins since NDA '98 in the heady DotCom Boom daze*

back when mags like Red Herring were 4 inches thick & having to Publish Twice a month to fit all the M&A's & ads in!!

yeah Pre-Google!!!!