Saturday, March 10, 2007

Celebrity Billionaires -

"Remember that old parlor game that asks, 'Which would you rather be, rich or famous?' Names like Marriott and Benetton may be household words, but the tycoons behind these brands nonetheless live in relative obscurity--billionaires next door whose faces are all but unrecognizable to the masses. Only a tiny fraction of billionaires hit it big on both counts, enjoying enormous wealth and fame.
Donald Trump's superstardom was engineered as early as 1987 when, thanks to his tremendous success as a casino and real estate tycoon, he published a swaggering memoir called The Art of the Deal, which soon topped national best seller lists. Trump was even floated as a possible presidential contender. (He certainly didn't dissuade the rumors when he took out full-page newspaper ads touting his foreign policy and visited New Hampshire to address local GOP poo-bahs.) At the time, he told Forbes, 'Sometimes I'm surprised by it all. It's not something I personally enjoy.' "

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