Tuesday, March 06, 2007

cbs13.com - What Could You Buy With The Mega-Millions Jackpot?

"For starters how about a 100 room home in Surrey, England $138 million dollars? Add a $100 million dollar vacation home in Tahoe to it, furnish both and you'll still have left over money for the most expensive cars in the world to park in your garage.
The Bugatti Veyron goes for $1.7 million, followed by the Ferrari, a mere $1 million and throw in a Porsche Carrere GT to drive on those sunny days for just over $480,000 dollars. If homes on land aren't your thing, try a yacht for $68 million, a Boeing 747 averaging over $155 million to fly you to your own resort in Puerto Vallarta.

Got sports? On average, the price of an NBA team is in the ball park of $326 million. At this price you might have some left to help renovate Arco Arena and still buy hot dogs for 17,000 of your closest friends.

Finally, with the soaring gas prices you might want to stock up. At an average price of $50 dollars for a tank of gas, you could fill up 7.5 million times."

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