Saturday, March 31, 2007

Barron’s Online : Think The Web Is Killing TV? Think Again.

"Nielsen Media Research found in a recent study that the average U.S. household watched a whopping 57 hours and 37 minutes of television a week in 2006 - an average 8 hours, 14 minutes a day - up 20 minutes a week from 2005. The average household now has 104.2 channels to choose from, up from 96.4 in 2005; the average household spends at least 10 minutes a week watching 15.7 channels, up from 15.4 channels in 2005. (Attention Bruce Springsteen: time to revise your song.)
The Bernstein boys offer another interesting tidbit: American Idol attracts 18 million viewers a week. If all of those people were watching it on the Web, it would create 40 million GBs of Internet traffic a week. For comparison, they note that Evolution of Dance, the most popular clip ever on YouTube, has been viewed 45 million times. (Plus one more, I just watched it.) Given that the max file size on YouTube is 10 MB, that makes 500,000 GB of traffic for that clip ever, “or less than 1% of American Idol’s weekly equivalent requirement.”
The death of TV? Very much exaggerated. "

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