Friday, February 09, 2007

VeriSign Fortifying Its Network, Aiming At More Consulting - SeekingAlpha

"Dan Farber (ZDNet) submits: During his keynote at the RSA 2007 Conference, VeriSign CEO Stratton Sclavos (pictured below, right) announced Project Titan, a three-year investment from the company's capital spend of $150 to $200 million to add capacity to its network infrastructure to keep up with growth of the Internet. 'We have to stay ahead of the curve and build capacity to help with RFID and content distribution,' Sclavos said.
The Titan project will increase capacity on the company's two root servers and infrastructure for supporting .com and .net domains. In anticipation of a doubling of Internet users, 2 billion cell phone/PDAs, 63 million IPTV users and 34 million VoIP households by 2010, VeriSign is increasing bandwidth from 20 gigabits per second to 200 gigabits per second of aggregate network bandwidth.
In addition, the servers will handle 4 trillion daily queries, up from a maximum of 400 billion today, and the company is developing new management and monitoring capabilities to deal with threats. VeriSign will add 80 regional internet resolution sites around the globe to the 20 it already maintains and increase the number of network operations centers."

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