Sunday, February 11, 2007

Seth's Blog

"I was at a Google conference last month, and I spent some time in a room filled with (pretty newly minuted) Google salesreps. I talked to a few of them for a while about the state of the industry. And it broke my heart to discover that they were sheepwalking.
Just like the receptionist at a company I visited a week later. She acknowledged that the front office is very slow, and that she just sits there, reading romance novels and waiting. And she's been doing it for two years.
Just like the MBA student I met yesterday who is taking a job at a major packaged goods company... because they offered her a great salary and promised her a well-known brand. She's going to stay, 'for just ten years, then have a baby and leave and start my own gig...' She'll get really good at running coupons in the Sunday paper, but not particularly good at solving new problems.
What a waste."

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