Saturday, February 17, 2007

Going Private: COFI v. KOFI

"So can being connected to Mark Cuban or Guy Kawasaki be a strong indicator of impending financial doom? I'm not sure, but it is a lot of fun to speculate. So I ran some regressions of the Cuban Overlap Failure Index and the Kawasaki Overlap Failure Index. (COFI v. KOFI). Results? It is better to be in Google searches next to Mark Cuban than next to Guy Kawasaki. KOFI numbers have an R-Squared of .626 against the losses of some famous dot-bombs. (,,, Webvan, Flooz, eToys,, Kibu). COFI numbers don't show very good R-Squared numbers (.199). Regression graphs below. I wonder if these have predictive ability? If so then Losses in $ millions at Failure = 1.296 x KOFI number. Predictive losses for Google? $814 billion."

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BillyWarhol said...

hmmmm i'm actually trying to raise some major dough from a Rich investor to sponsor my World Tour & hopefully my $Billion Dollar Widget - i haven't heard back from Mark Cuban yet - but maybe he's not the right "go to" guy??

Any other suggestions??

Cheers! Billy ;))