Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dogster Inc. Company Blog: Dogster at CommunityNext Conference

"John, Steven and I spent Saturday on Stanford’s campus at the CommunityNext conference which was an exceptionally well spent day.
We were asked us to convey the Dogster, Inc. story. We tried to sum up 3 years in 25 minutes, so we got right to the heart of what really mattered to us and what we think would matter to anyone doing something similar. It was to a packed house and the reviews were quite favorable.
You can download all our slides. They’re licensed under a Creative Commons agreement
»PDF version suitable for downloading. (3.5 Mb)
»Flash version for web viewing. (6 Mb Opens in new window)
The overall impression we got from the gathering is that we’re no longer a lone voice championing the merits of letting your community define what your service should be. We heard it again and again from Threadless, SuicideGirls, Fred Stutzman, even Heather Lutrell, the president of the advertising network IndieClick finds the best sites to connect their advertisers with are those that put their community first. "

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