Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yahoo! acquisitions and mobile focus

"We are also making important acquisitions in this area that we believe will, over time, further enhance our position. We have agreed to acquire [Bics.com] which is an engaging contest platform across categories such as karaoke, dance, comedy and others that will bring a whole new level of sharing, expression, interacting across Yahoo! services.
We also acquired MyBlogLog, an innovative service that is going to change the way publishers connect to their audience, and even the way people connect to each other. In the few days since we announced this acquisition, the number of sites that have adopted their badges to establish relationships with people reading their sites has taken off. In fact, yesterday was a record day with literally millions of these badges viewed across the Internet. Our ultimate goal is to encourage every user on Yahoo! to participate in the consumption and publishing of information and knowledge through tagging, reviewing, sharing and other social media activities.
In the video area, we continue to integrate new original and partner programming throughout the network, enhancing Yahoo!'s position as one of the leading video destinations online. During the quarter, we signed over a dozen video, news, information and entertainment relationships across our media sites, including the BBC, FOX News, ABC News, the Food Network and the CW network.
Video is also a rich medium for advertising, and we saw strong success with some of our innovative ad-sponsored video initiatives such as Nissan live sets on Yahoo! Music, The Nine, which is presented solely by Pepsi, and the Doritos sponsored program to choose a user-submitted commercial that will actually run on this Super Bowl.
Together, Yahoo! Answers. Flickr, del.icio.us, and Yahoo! Video have surpassed 100 million monthly users, continuing our position as a leading force in social media. Interestingly enough within this group, 50% of our users are under the age of 35. To put that into perspective, it puts us ahead of properties such as MySpace and Facebook in this attractive demographic.

Mobile also continues to be a major focus for Yahoo! with the launch of several key new products and strategic partnerships, we have demonstrated our intention of becoming the number one player in mobile, mobile search and mobile monetization.
At CES earlier this month, we announced the beta launch of Yahoo! Go For Mobile 2.0 and partnerships with Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and RIMM. Yahoo! Go 2.0 is available on 70 devices today and we are working to bring it to more than 400 devices by the end of this year.
Yahoo! also redefined the mobile search category with the launch of Yahoo!'s innovative One Search which delivers answers directly in the results rather than a list of web links. One Search will be a key feature on Apple's iPhone, along with Yahoo! Mail, and will be used exclusively in Opera, which is a leading provider for web browsers for mobile phones. "

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