Friday, January 12, 2007

Why Does Intel Care About WiMAX? at Nyquist Capital

"Virtually all carriers are divided between UMTS (HSDPA) and CDMA2000 (EV-DO) as evolutionary 3G technologies. They don’t care about WiMAX because they have a big installed base (2G) they must migrate. There is Clearwire (aborted S-1 excepts here), and Sprint (S ), which has committed to building out a WiMAX infrastructure. There is also Korea, which never met a communication infrastructure it didn’t love (ATM, ISDN, DSL, two flavors of FTTH, 3G - what haven’t those guys deployed?). But the opportunity is dwarfed by the size of the existing mobile voice and data standards.
If Intel was really committed to growing a mobile wireless business they would identify a product that could both fill their fabs AND meet the needs of existing carriers - not build something counter to their desires.
Here are my three possible theories:"

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