Sunday, January 28, 2007

Techdirt: Amazon Finally Gets Around To Launching Semi-Mysterious Wiki Offering

"Well over a year ago, there were various sightings of the mysterious Amazon 'ProductWiki' which would let people create and edit pages about various products. Last month, they apparently finally did a quiet launch of the offering. Of course, there's already a company out there named ProductWiki, and they probably weren't all that thrilled with Amazon's naming choice. Either way, Rogers Cadenhead wrote in to let us know that he's spotted a new service on Amazon called Amapedia, that basically looks like their attempt to perhaps rebrand the ProductWiki concept (though, they still have a website discussing their own ProductWiki). Randomly, if you do a Google search on the name Amapedia, you come up with the resume of an intern who claims he did coding work on Amapedia for Amazon back in 2005. "

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