Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Me, Bill Gates And The Startup - Forbes.com

"'Wow. They were obviously looking for us,' said a slightly trembling Dan Karr, Tzero's senior vice president, after he returned from his impromptu briefing with Gates and Allen. 'To come see us first thing on Monday morning back in the corner of this hall--wow.'

Karr is right--Gates was obviously looking for him. Gates has limited time on the show floor; he must make a short list of top visits and stick to it. That he chose Tzero implies Gates is curious about the potential of Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology to network the home--perhaps in a future version of Windows Media Center PCs? Karr wouldn't tell me exactly what Gates wanted to know, saying only that Microsoft wanted to demonstrate a piece of software to Tzero at a later date."

Regardless of Gates' true motives in visiting tiny Tzero, it is a major vote of confidence for the company, which uses the largely undeployed UWB wireless standard in its primary product, which provides a wireless link between high-end audio and video systems. Think of marrying an HD-DVD player and a wall-mounted HD-TV, without ugly wires.

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