Monday, January 15, 2007

LG Migo: LBS

"The Wilson children, ages 5 and 6, each have their own Migo, a small phone for kids with a built-in computer chip that communicates their location. The Wilsons clipped the phones to their son's and daughter's clothing. If their children wandered out of sight, the parents could have used their own cell phones, also embedded with special microchip technology, to find them. The location awareness service, called Chaperone, was developed by Verizon Wireless.
Chaperone is only one of many emerging services now available in cell phones as a result of chip technology that communicates with global satellites and cell phone towers."

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Anonymous said...

How reliable is this indoors and in cities?

GPS fails because it does not work where people are: indoors and in cities. GPS is great, but not for many applications that require higher accuracy, precision, coverage, and reliability. Conventional GPS receivers do not work inside buildings due to the absence of line of sight to satellites, while cellular positioning methods generally fail to provide a satisfactory degree of accuracy...