Monday, January 08, 2007

IGN: CES 2007: Bill Gates' Keynote

"Today marked the 10th anniversary of Bill Gates' opening night keynotes at CES. Microsoft has premiered many major products at CES in the past, including Windows 95. A video montage of Gates' previous keynotes preceded the great man's actual arrival on stage, the memories of which would serve as a springboard for the theme of the 'Digital Decade' that Microsoft aims to encapsulate with Windows Vista and the variety of integrated services attached to the OS.

Over the course of the keynote Bill Gates unveiled a few exciting new developments, like the upcoming IP-TV initiative based upon the Xbox 360 and Windows Home Server, but also devoted a lot of time to far more established releases like Windows Vista. The Microsoft vision of the upcoming year is very much based upon the leverage the Vista operating system will permit the company in embracing a personal computing age in which content, either download or user created, is king. "

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